💦 Our bodies are made up of approx 65% water! The rest is mass made up of fat muscle and bone


💦 Our blood which transports all nutrients is made up of water! 


💦 You excrete water through sweat, breathing and bowel movements and so we need to keep replenishing! 


💦 Average figures state we need to drink 2 litres per day for a female but in my experience it’s more like 4 for an active person! 


My reasons for this are: 

💧 A hydrated body is one that is mentally energised 

💧A hydrated body is flushing toxins and waste regularly limiting bacterial and yeast build up 

💧 A hydrated body is flushing lactic acid and supporting nutrient delivery to tissue / muscle after a workout 

💧 A hydrated body doesn’t need to eat as much – we are often thirsty rather than hungry! 


My top tips for increasing water intake: 

💧 Buy a re-useable water bottle – BPA free or glass if appropriate 

💧 Fill it with filtered water and aim for 3-4l per day 

💧 Use a Himalayan pink salt pinch with each refill or use a balanced hydration formula once a day as plain water does not hydrate the tissues or retain fluids for what it needs aswell without minerals 

💧 Add cucumber or lemon / lime or berries to your water to add low calorie flavour 


Tracking Progress

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Tracking progress in all of LIFE 

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The Difference between weight loss and fat loss

💥 Fat loss occurs when your body is in a calorific deficit enabling your body to burn fat as fuel


💥 Weight loss occurs when you drop your carbs, are dehydrated, go to the toilet or haven’t eaten yet!


💥 Rapid weight gain can be seen in the days leading up to menstruation as the body prepares to have a period. It is still possible for this to happen without an actual period too.


💥Weight gain can also be seen when weight training. Building muscle means adding mass and that means adding weight! But the good kind! Adding shape and muscle in the right places will make you look slimmer!


So evidently we want to be focusing on FAT LOSS not WEIGHT LOSS! Controversial right?


Basically as you can see the scales aren’t everything. This is why I always encourage anyone on a plan with me to use a piece of clothing, measurements and photos to track progress rather than just the scales!


The scales can show a drop in fat loss as when you do you will lose weight but they will also fluctuate back up if you eat a higher carb meal before bed, are menstruating or haven’t had a bowel movement.


A bit like a doctor that gives a prognosis on symptoms rather than just test results – do the same with tracking your progress – use all of the tools to measure where you’re at rather than just the number on the scales.


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