Training - nutrition - lifestyle

At Chase Perfection our online plans are designed in a way that they can be adjusted and adapted to you and your lifestyle. However, we know that sometimes you might want to have something a little more bespoke or designed just for you due to specific requirements!

Further advantages of 1:1 coaching are:
– Accountability
– Sustaining Progress
– Ongoing Support
– Extra expert knowledge and advice

For bespoke training and nutrition plans


Lucy is an established fitness coach and has worked with numerous physique athletes to the average person to achieve their physique goals. Lucy works mostly with women and select males to help them create the body they want and desire on a one on one basis. Lucy has a NO BS approach and as part of the one to one programming will incorporate mindset strategies to make sure whatever change you are making it’s a lifestyle!

For bespoke training and nutrition plans or 1:1 personal training please contact Lucy.


Tim is a renowned Champion Fitness Model and Physique Judge. Tim works with males to help them define their training and nutrition to help them achieve their physique goal. Tim is a highly recommended Posing coach.

Tim is currently only taking on clients for 1:1 personal training and fitness/muscle model posing sessions.

Contact Tim to book a session.